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Hello!  I’m Amber, a thirty-something year old filmmaker from St. George, Utah.  I’ve been making “films” since our family received a video camcorder for Christmas when I was 9 years old.  As a kid who moved almost every 2 years to a new state, I’ve always been drawn to this documentary art form of capturing the here and now so you could freeze memories forever. 

After making so many home movies, I started a film club in high school – which led to a scholarship at the University of Utah.  This unique scholarship provided an opportunity to live with fellow artists in an old home at the U where I earned my Bachelors of Art in Filmmaking, with a minor in Design. 

Everyone in my film classes knew I’d show up to class with a film that was inspired by happiness.  I’d make films about kids at the bus stop, students dancing to class, documentaries on love – odd content compared to the rest of the films presented in class.  I decided to pursue weddings after watching one of my best friends’ wedding film.  I knew that this fit the style I had cultivated for so many years.  It involved working with people on one of the happiest days of their lives, weaving their story into a timeless film to be enjoyed for years to come.  This evolved to where I am today, filming these unique stories for over 1o years.

One of my greatest journeys in the last 12 years of filmmaking has been motherhood to three amazing kids – ages 9, 7, and 5.   They have gifted me a better perspective of life and a greater gratitude for family history.  They inspire and drive me. 

When I can find a spare weekend you can find me snowboarding with my family in the winter season, or wakeboarding on the lake in the desert summers.  When seeking quieter moments, I enjoy exploring the captivating landscapes near my home, or late nights with friends over card games with a Dr Pepper in hand.

This adventurous spirit and appreciation for everyday magic stems from my teenage years spent globetrotting with my family. While wanderlust still whispers to me, I now find appreciation in the present – discovering wonder in the seemingly ordinary. This philosophy permeates my approach to filmmaking: every day holds the potential for extraordinary moments, especially those monumental life events – like a wedding. This propels me to transform fleeting moments into timeless films, preserving precious memories for you to cherish. 

I can’t wait to get to know you better! 





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